Roving Acts
The best roving entertainment engages audiences on two levels:

    * Firstly, it CREATES ATMOSPHERE. Anybody seeing the roving act from a distance will appreciate the visual appeal, as it helps to create an interesting and festive atmosphere at your event.

    * Secondly, it needs to ENGAGE AUDIENCES at a closer range, and hold their focus for long enough to provide an interactive theatrical experience. This way audiences are left with a much longer lasting impression than they would be from a standard “colourful costume on stilts”.

All of Pablo's roving creations are designed with this principle in mind.
I.D. Po the Mime Bumblemore Inflatable Flowers Dancing Mushrooms
" nothing else I've seen. Your unique approach to physical comedy had me entranced so long I missed my train, and didn't care.”
                                  - George Misel, Allstar Circus
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