The OddHouse "The Smallest Theatre on This Earth"
The OddHouse
"The Smallest Theatre on This Earth"
Welcome to the coolest and tiniest circus and sideshow venue this side of the sun.
With a maximum seating capacity of 5 humans, The OddHouse is a rare kind of intimate, and a new kind of incredible.
All shows presented in The OddHouse are Fun-Sized pieces of entertainment shrapnel, ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
OddHouse spectators are blown away by:
- Flea Acrobatics;
- Escapology;
- Contortionism;
- Slinky Bat;
- Speed Tie;
- Sideshow Stunts;
- Magical Illusionism;
- Eyeball Juggling;
- Laser Swallowing; and
- Other Things!!
Featuring its own portable sound system piping out old carnival music, The OddHouse is also designed to be a head-turning entertainment for passers-by. Even those too chicken to venture inside will appreciate the buffoonery of the bally-caller. That's the chap on the outside with the gift of the gab, forming the queues and filling the venue.
Debuting in England in 2010, The OddHouse is now rolling around Australia's shores for a spell before heading back to it's UK birthplace in June 2011.
“OMG that's the coolest circus tent ever!”
                                                          - A cool teenager
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