Science Shows
First appearing at the Australian Science Festival in 2005, Professor Airhead’s show “Balloonology” is an educational adventure through the fun and colourful world of balloons. A boring lecture gets turned on its head when the stuffy professor discovers that balloons can actually be... fun!
With the audience’s assistance Professor Airhead conjures up a string of  entertaining experiments:
  1.   A volunteer makes a balloon levitate through an obstacle course;
  2.   A balloon rocket flies over the audience’s heads;
  3.   Balloon-power makes a fluorescent tube glow like a light saber*;
  4.   And the professor uses a balloon, a laser and his voice to make spirographic patterns on the wall!
Scientific concepts covered include static electricity, the Bernoulli effect, rocket propulsion and acoustic resonance.
PLUS, all school bookings receive free Teachers Notes, including all concepts covered plus background information and extra experiments.
Email Pablo to find out how you can bring Professor Airhead to your school!
(30min comedy science show for kids) “BALLOONOLOGY” 
with Professor Airhead This show is suitable for:
 Primary Schools
 Secondary Schools
 Science fairs and festivals
*The light saber experiment can only be performed in venues which can achieve a blackout. In venues where this is not possible another experiment will be substituted.
Q. Why on Earth would I want a circus performer to teach my students about science!?
A. Pablo studied Science Communication at the Australian National University, and has worked at the National Science and Technology Centre as a science communicator. Performing circus is just what he does to make friends...