Dancing  Mushrooms Roving Acts
If you want maximum impact, look no further. Two giant mushrooms stand as a permanent visual display throughout your festival. Then at key times during the day or night the mushrooms start dancing to the music, grow legs, and get up and go roaming around the festival!
The Dancing Mushrooms are perfect for multi-day festivals, but can also be hired for one-day festivals, corporate events and promotions.
  The Dancing Mushrooms are giant colourful characters, who can stay in one place and dance to music, or walk around and interact. PLUS, at night time their internal lighting can be made to flash in time to any nearby music, creating an amazing visual display while they dance. The performers also communicate with each other through radio headsets, allowing them to synchronise the mushrooms' movements. Amazing!!
  They can also be left set up with no performers inside them. This allows them to be a permanent and highly visual display for the duration of your festival. If you are interested in booking this act, please contact Pablo for detailed technical requirements.
I.D. Po the Mime Bumblemore Inflatable Flowers Dancing Mushrooms
If the video doesn't work on your computer, don't stress! Just CLICK HERE to view it on YouTube.