Po the Mime Roving Acts
Po the Mime’s vest, hat, cane and white gloves lend an air of sophistication to this suave character in the white mask. Cane tricks, balancing, juggling and magic are all part of his repertoire, but it is his hilarious physical gags and strong crowd interaction skills that endear him to his audiences.
Po the Mime is Pablo’s most universally loved character, having entertained audiences from 4 year olds to grandparents to teenagers; at family Christmas parties, university pub crawls and day care centres!
Everyone is charmed, intrigued and entertained by the physical and visual antics of Po the Mime.
I.D. Po the Mime Bumblemore Inflatable Flowers Dancing Mushrooms
"You're the weirdest and funniest person I've ever met. My turtle is funny too. Do you want to meet her?"
          - Anonymous child with big sunglasses