I.D. Roving Acts
A pair of faceless mannequins roam your event, turning heads, drawing laughter and applause, and then stealing people's identities...
I.D.'s special full-coverage suits and mechanical movements create highly striking visuals, and always draw crowds of onlookers. But the part that makes this act so thoroughly memorable is when they engage in the curious art of identity theft.
Being entirely featureless and lacking their own unique identities, these two humanoids are on a mission to borrow the identities of others. They choose willing participants, take off as much of their clothing and accessories as they will allow, and put it all on themselves. In doing so they become virtual clones of their volunteers, taking on their mannerisms with playfulness and tact. The end result is hilarious both to watch and to be a part of.
I.D. Po the Mime Bumblemore Inflatable Flowers Dancing Mushrooms
“The transformations from blank canvas to human clone were very engaging, as evidenced by the constant stream of people reaching for their cameras. And I was amazed by the number of people so ready to remove their clothing! Never low brow and always entertaining. Thank you so much.”
                  - Apple Australia
"We received complaints last year from a number of stall holders about the size of the crowds that your act was attracting, as all the people were blocking access to stallfronts. We hope you understand that while your act was certainly a popular one, we will not be booking it again this year for logistical reasons. "
                                                  -Wychwood Music Festival