Pablo’s 3D Stunt Show Stage Acts
Pablo's 3D Stunt Show is a big crowd pleaser. It has earned him awards, standing ovations, TV appearances, and lots and lots of money.
His big world-first stunts include juggling a flaming battleaxe while blindfolded, and balancing three axes on his face.
But however good his tricks are, people always remember him as “that wacky guy with the big inflatable sumo suit!”.
And this year Pablo will be adding a bunch of brand new logic-twisting escapades to his repertoire, featuring lasers, live radio, escapology and the world's second tallest circus stunt.
Award winning comedy, world class stunts and eye-popping costumes combine to create a show with enough energy to power a pogo-stick factory for at least a week, if not two.
Emcee Pablo’s 3D Stunt Show Micro Shows
“...a formidable entertainer with enough energy to power a pogo-stick factory for a week. I once saw a pregnant woman who had to leave his show because she was laughing too much!”
                                                                     -Funnybones Entertainment