Micro Shows Stage Acts
Pablo's Micro Shows are short and punchy variety acts which can add an element of utterly unique and unforgettable entertainment to all kinds of events, shows and presentations.
The acts range from 30 seconds to 10 minutes, and include physical and verbal comedy, audience participation and sense-defying circus stunts.
ALL of Pablo's acts are 100% original. You will not see these acts or stunts anywhere else in the world.
Micro Show highlights include:
  1.  Juggling ninja swords, blindfolded.
  2.  Squeezing through a tennis racquet in a giant sumo suit.
  3.  Acrobatics on audience volunteers, 6' in the air.
  4.  Balancing a bowling ball, on a stick, on his face, 17' in the air.
  5.  Flashlight manipulation.
  6.  Mental magic with coat-hangers.
  7.  Comedy with lasers.
  8.  Stunts with a slinky.
  9.  Extreme Rubik's cube. And,
  10.  Playing a giant balloon piano...
Emcee Pablo’s 3D Stunt Show Micro Shows
“ the end of the night everyone was waiting eagerly for your next appearance. I've never seen anyone get an encore at a company Christmas party before!”
                                                                             - Top Hat Software
Micro Shows are appropriate for:
 A single short variety act at a variety night, gala show, conference or dinner.
 A series of short variety acts at regular intervals throughout a conference, dinner, awards night or music concert.
 In combination with emceeing